By Saifulbahri Ismail | POSTED: 04 Sep 2013 12:06 PM | CNA


The National Heritage Board (NHB) hopes to partner the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in the design of future estates.

For a start, both boards have worked together to incorporate heritage elements in the new Bidadari estate.

The aim is to help future residents and visitors to the estate appreciate the history of the place.

The Bidadari Memorial Garden at Mount Vernon was built in 2004 after the graves in the old Bidadari Cemetery were exhumed.

The gateway as well as selected tombstones and relics were some of the items relocated to the memorial garden.

The garden’s artefacts will be moved again to a park at the new Bidadari estate.

The relocation is part of the Bidadari Heritage Commemoration Project.

There are also plans to convert the current Upper Aljunied Road into a pedestrianised Heritage Walk which will feature storyboards.

NHB’s group director (policy), Alvin Tan, said: “We hope that moving forward in future that heritage considerations will indeed be factored into design and development of future housing estates, because we feel that it’s one way to better help residents as well as Singaporeans appreciate their heritage.”

NHB has also held two focus group sessions to get inputs on the project.

Participants include the Singapore Heritage Society, academics and heritage enthusiasts.

Alvin Tan said: “What they also express the wish for was (that) they hope that certain characteristic elements of the landscape would be retained, and these would be the undulating slopes of the cemetery grounds. I understand that the HDB has already taken that into consideration, with the whole concept of rolling greens.”

The proposed developments for the new Bidadari housing estate will be implemented in phases from 2015.

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