POSTED: 27 Aug 2013 6:28 PM | CNA


The government will pilot a new type of Three-Generation (3Gen) flats to cater to multi-generation families living under one roof.

The flats will feature four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with an internal floor area of about 115 square metres.

To be eligible for 3Gen flats, applicants must form a multi-generation family comprising a married or courting couple and their parents.

To prevent abuse of the scheme, subletting of rooms will not be allowed during the five-year minimum occupation period.

After fulfilling the minimum occupation period, the flats can only be resold in the open market to other eligible multi-generation families.

The first project of about 80 units of 3Gen flats will be launched in Yishun in the upcoming September BTO exercise.

Concurrently, the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme will be enhanced.

Parents can now apply for 3-room flats under this scheme.

– CNA/al