By Eileen Poh | POSTED: 28 Jan 2014 20:19 | CNA


Flats in Punggol proved popular with applicants in HDB’s first Build-to-Order (BTO) exercise in 2014 despite their higher prices as compared to the others on offer.

As of 8pm on Tuesday, Punggol BayView, which is located directly across the Punggol Reservoir, had more than 1,400 applicants vying for some 460 four-room units.

That is twice the number of applications for some 400 four-room flats in Woodlands Glen.

The demand from singles for two-room flats in January’s BTO exercise remains strong.

The two-room flats are the most highly-subscribed units in this exercise with demand mostly coming from singles.

Nearly 40 applications from singles were received for each two-room unit in Punggol Vue.

For the Woodlands Glen project, the rate was 16.2 for each unit.

The 3,139 BTO flats on offer in January is the first tranche of the 24,300 BTO flats that HDB has planned for 2014.

The exercise closes at midnight on Tuesday.

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